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i dont know what i did wrong to u A.

i always need u here by my side, always ok!
i really need u.
but suddently u left me just like that.
what did i do??
its only a small mistakes i thing, bbut u too suddently make a decision and left me.
from the person i love most, seriously u have kill me.
u KILL ME!!!
what happen to u syg?
iLOVEyousofuckingdamuch, but y u did this to me??
yes i'm disspointing u, but its not for a seriously.
its not fair if u left me just cause of that dear.
u have someone else u, dont u??
why suddently u acting like this??
i have paid the cost that i lost for the person i love most, i dont want that happen to us.
but,, i dont know why this is happen to us.
please syg. i need u.
i MISS my old A!
i miss u ALOT!
not the A like now.
please dear.
i'm begging u.
if just wanna leave, then said so.
dont make an excuses that u've hurt me alot.
its unreasonable dear.
i wish we can be together like before.
seriously i want that.

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