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Last wishes

I wish i had a wing and fly through the sky . i'm too tired live like this . if i had a wing , i will fly every inches corner of this world . and i will stopped by at california and invite my sweet sweet friends there , meimi vang . hehe . and then , i will brought her to korea and watch her B2ST live , infront of her eyes . i'll bet she's the happiest person in the world at that moment . ^^
and then , i will drop her there . maybe she wanted to stay there . and then , i'll continue my journey through the sky and watch people from there. and then i will fly to the top of the sky . maybe it will make me happier . GOD , can u , will you fulfill my wishes ???? please , i never ask more , this is the last time . if u wanted to take my life after that ,, it will be okay for me . as long i can feel happy . not like now . please GOD . i'm BEGGING you .

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