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erm . could be there any mechanic like this kitty ?? that can fixed my broken heart ?? anyone ? or anything ? i wish have an angel to fixed my broken heart . grrr . but i know it won't happen . why ? why can't anyone fixed it ? why everyone who already get my heart , they broke it over and over again . why ? i give them a chance , give again and again , but what i get is only just a PAIN . my heart still broke . why ??

DEAR GOD .... I'm begging you too many time , please send someone to fixed my broken heart and treat me well . but why it's still no answer from YOU ? where is the person ?? where is the MECHANIC that can fixed it ?? I've been waiting too long for it . I'm thirst for it .

why I always get a pain and other people deserve happiness ?? is it FAIR ???
however , i can't blame the one who CREATED me . YOU ARE THE ALL MIGHTY ! I BOW TO YOU . and i will keep waiting and keep being stronger and stronger . i know YOU did this because YOU love me and I'm the one that very special to YOU who the stronger that can afford to accept all challenge from YOU .

I will kept waiting and waiting and hold anything that ever come to me , with willingly . I will because i know , THERE'S ALWAYS HAVE A RAINBOW AFTER RAINING . -sincerely from my heart DEAR ALLAH -

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