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Sleep tight wo de bao bei .........

Hoi anak cina . semalam wa mimpi lu la . wa taktau kenapa . wei shen me ? wo bu zhi dao , bu mung bai . maybe i just missed you or i don't know maybe it's just a dream . erm . in that dream we are so damn happy . i wish i'm not dreaming , and it's not just a dream . but if it was a dream , i wish i will never ever will woke up from that sweet dreams . i wanna sleep forever . at lease i am happy with you in there .

Its really Hurt in reality life . ni zai na li ?? ):

until now i can't forget what just happen in that dream la . i wanted to text you but i know you already happy with someone else . but i'm not . i just getting hurt and hurt bao bei , zhen de hen tong aa . wei shen me ni li kai wo ?
wo xuyao ni , zhen de xiang ni aa bei . i dont know why but i really miss you now ):

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