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saranghandago Bogoshipoyo......

Hey wo de 'ér a.k.a my daughter pluee . haha . wo hen xiang ni la bei .
where were you ?? i miss when the time we chating around . it's been a long long time i think . but i still missed it . you always called me "MAPA" because i'm acting like your parents . why ? because i like to be nagging at you about studied and all that things that important to you . you're too spoilt with me . hehe .

then ,, one day ...
ni de peng you , ni de mei mei , that i call "xin xin" came to me . she said she was your friends .so i just chat with her and always ask about you . she said you happy with someone and i do fell happy for that .

soon , when I've been friends with xin xin , I've fall for her . but not for a long moment . but i already left my chipmunks to her . and i hope she will take a good care of them . i wanted to take them back from her . but i know , how worth that chipmunks to her . so where ever you are , i wish you are happy pluee . and also wo de xin xin . thanks for showed up in my life once . MAPA really miss you :)

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