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Sorry seems to be the hardest words

Sorry . but with all i have been through , i think i'm getting hard for someone to understand and capturing my heart . why ? it's all because what just happened to me lately . day by day , hour by past , i got hurt most than happiness . i'm so hurt . damn hurt .

i wish someone will have a key , a magic key to reopen my heart back . but i absolutely wrong . there is no magic key . all that is bullshit ! i don't trust anyone , not anymore . why ?

i have paid the love that i lost , all of it , friends , family and all love that i have . what i deserve to be ?? what am i meant to be ?? why me ?? so sorry . but now , i'm getting tougher , harder , thickness , cruel , avenged , heartless . so please i'm begging , don't ever come to me . not again . i just trying to build a new life . and i wish , i hope , i will became true even though it's not easier as i think it would be .

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