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What now ?

Dear God ,
what are you trying to give me right now ? what are you trying to prove to me right now ? Is it all friends can't be trusted ? Is it like that ? I'd never blame you for all this , in fact I'm felt so grateful , at least I know that you're trying to make me strong , and you love me because you give me a lot of test .

But this is too much , lepas satu , satu yg datang , Ya Allah , kenapa bila aku start percayakan someone , someone tu mesty hancurkan kepercayaan aku kat dia , someone yg aku tak pernah sangka akan buat mc tu . why ? I need an answer .

What is this feeling ? I'm shaking , really , I'm shaking , I can't thinking , and I felt like I'm dying . What is this ? sakit nye , serious sakit sgt , menggigil aku , nak type pun asyik tek betul je . I really need someone here , I'm crying so bad right now . I can't be tough anymore , I can't be strong . I NEED SOMEONE !!!! SOMEONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!!

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