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Tadaaaaaaaaa !
who is she ?
she's anna . hihi . We're just buddies okay .
She's the one that I mention before .
That I'm pissed of with her when hang out .
Remember ?
Now we're hang out together once again .
I ask her out for catch some movie .
And we are watching underworld awakening !
whoot whoot !
Daebak ! Wonderful movie .
We have fun for the movie , and hang out chilling around ,
and just watch me eat . omg , she's so mean -__-
haha . xD
But before that , She's late for one hour ! Omg !
haha , I'm nagging at her all the time while walking to pavilion :p
But It's okay , she's repaid back what her did to me last week .
By leaving me just like that .
And I'm happy today , so much fun and joy . Thank you my gay . aww . hihi . (':

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diyla melody said...

bestnyee dapat jumpe anna <3 jealous laa mcm ni >.<

Hara Anne Helena said...

rindu nak jmpa anna :((

Alexander Zulqarnain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexander Zulqarnain said...

jealous ape pulak diyla ? haha , ape lah >.<

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