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Dangg !

What the hell is wrong with you ??
I just don't get it , you think , this is just a game ??
The heart , feelings , love , all that , a game ??
Oh come on ! Try to get serious on this .
You know what ? I HATE when someone is hiding something from me .
And also , I'm HATING when someone didn't believe what I just said .
You think I'm a liar ? I'm a killer ?
NO !!
you were wrong idiot !! When I say black , It's black !
Do't you get it ??

I just needed more times , why you didn't give me any ?
and why you didn't appreciate the time that we have each other .
why ?
Why are you so blind and stupid ??
I'm trying to get know of you , more .
But day by day , you were like , try to hurt me .
Idk , you just like pushing me .
Why didn't give me any fucking moment to get more closer to you ?

I don't want there's any gap between us .
Can't you feel it ? The gap ?
It's like , It's... bending us . I think .
and that make me hard to reach you .
Ohh , I just want to know you more longer and closer .
Not like what you think .

I am liking you , I love to be friends with you ,
But why you don't just give me a damn time !!!
WHY ??!!

p/s :
I hated when someone ignore my text . Seriously .

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