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Gaduh gaduh gaduh . Arguing arguing and arguing almost everyday . err . i don't think we are meant to be together . i know you felt tired and so do i baby . so tough this relationship , really tough for you cause getting someone like me as your own . i'm too complicated , i feel sorry to you because knowing someone like me . you defend this relationship too much and so do i . not you the only one who defending all this , me neither even u can't see it . but this is too much . we cant and never will be together . i know you will happy with someone else . someone that can always tolerate with you , someone that can took a really good care of you . maybe it's not me . maybe have someone better than me will come to you after this . you are too kind for me , really kind and i do appreciate you in my life . but i'm sorry for being like this , we always arguing . i don't know why . do you feel happy with that ?? i know you're not . who wanted a relationship that always end with arguing everyday right ? so , i just let you go . and i know , i will never can have someone like you . but this is it . i have to let go . i can't


anymore . annyeong .



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