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It's Not A secret Anymore

What I really HATE about people that i used to know :

1. They Forgot my FULL NAME
2. They WRONG SPELL my full name
3. They Forgot my BIRTHDAY
4. They started to forget me

Maybe I just kept silence , and treat them very well , but inside .... really I'm Different , I'm quite sensitive . Maybe to people out there , this is just a normal thing . But for me , it's such a bullshit . It's okay if you're just new in my life , but how about the rest ? that knew me about a year , a half year , a 3 month or what so ever . how ?

Even i would be able to remember how to save everything important about someone , why shouldn't you do same to me ? why ? anyone ? can you do it for me ? I'm begging . pfftt . I felt like I'm nothing to you you you you and YOU !

If you're saying sorry and said you wouldn't do that again , than i will give a second chances , but f there's no sorry from you ......

why i hate that kinda stuff ? because It will make a gap between me and you in my life . A gap that you'll be never ever would be pass for the rest of my life . That's what i afraid of .

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