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are you blind baby ?? i don't even know that you are blind . haha . wow , i'm impress with you . you


me for what just happen . err . what's wrong with you ? can't we break nicely ?? can't we ? what just happen ? what did you wan't ??? could you tell me please ?? i have done everything for you . infact when i with you , i felt something , u like mocking me , look down on me , i don't know why but that was what i felt about . why u blaming me for all ? why ??? what the hell is wrong with your friends perfume ?? why must u point on that situation ?? why u must tell everyone that ?? haha .

i really pissed off with you dear . and surely , you will never ever have any places in my life anymore . you wanted this right ?? what just happen it's happen , let it be . why you nak mengata i semua ? kenapa nak perli ? hey , i tau lah i salah , ye i yang salah , i


okay ?? i mintak maaf sangat2 psal perfume kawan you tu . laen kali , you kelua date je dgn kawan2 you tau ?? hee . thanks a lot , you said i'm not protecting what we have . you said when we arguing , i wanted to


. why ? you know the reason why ?? it's all about your words baby .


all your words that you have throw to me , all hurts me , it does hurts baby , you said you doesn't feel


anymore with me , you said

"you wanted to forget me slowly"


all that make me wanted to leave you . because you seem doesn't want me anymore . can't you see it ?? i'm trying to protect us , i know i did wrong , a lot wrong with you . but hear one thing , i do really


you so much .

i'm trying to ignore all girls infront of me , all of it . just for you .

YOU !!!!!

but now you blame me for all , you said when arguing , i always wanted for a break , yeah i admit it , but why ? i already told you . i'm trying to leave you , but i can't . remember at kl sentral ?? you know what will happen if i just walk away and straight to home ?? i know what will happen , so deep down in my heart i know that i won't and can't do that . because i just terlalau sayang kan awak . maaf kan saya . hope awak happy ^^

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