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Its not like gonna be the worse day forever.....

Okay, lets start with yesterday.
Its on Sunday, I've met Fara.
Actually, tak plan pun nak jumpa dia.
Memang plan nak keluar seorang. Tengok movies, lunch. Sorang-2.
But suddenly, she wechat me. Ask me where am I.
So, I just said I was about to going out.
And then, she said want to come along.
She's bored and no teman as well.
So I was like , okay then , why not.

We've met at klcc. And the weather on that day....
Like seriously, make me hard to breathe siaa.
The haze just getting worse day by day.

But, I was late. Haha, I was a bit late.
Because I'm searching for a face mask to cover my mouth.
But all of the pharmacies that I've ask is out of stock.
How come????!
Ish, this is just getting worse.

And, then, I arrived there at the cinema.
Fara beratur dulu, sbb takut tiket sold out pulak.
And then, we've bought the ticket.
We take some lunch after that.
Lepastu jalan-2 satu klcc sementara tunggu movie start.

We're watching World War Z.
I told you, you guys should watch that movies!!
That movies are so fucking awesome man!!

After we've done a movies. We take some air nearby the klcc pool.
Watch some air pancut, haha. Chatting, and then, we started to hungry again.
Lmao, kitorang pun pergi lah Nz klcc.
Makan sikit.

Sebenarnya, siang tadi, one of my friend dah ajak pergi uptown malam tu.
So, he said, he's picking me up around 8 or 9 something.
And then, diorang pun sampai depan Nz tu.
I was inviting fara to come along.
Then, she's fine with it.

After that, kitorang pun pusing lah satu danau kota tu.
Cari wallet si acap. Rady was there too. I miss them so much,
Bila Rady ada, bertambah lah masuk air. Hahaha.
Then, kitorang lepak zubaidah, order shisha.
Having so much fun, masing-2 dah masuk air.
Hahaha, memang enjoy.

Tiba-2 kitorang plan nak karaoke, ahh apa lagi,
masing-2 kepala tengah gila, jom jelah.
haha, kitorang karaoke kat firezone setapak tu.
Tp sejam je, sebab dia nak tutup pukul 3.
Then okay lah, karaoke jelah.
Kat dalam tu memang kitorang merepek je memanjang.
Tp tak puas lah karaoke sejam. Serious tak puas langsung.

Hahahaha, memang satu hari tu tergelak je tau.
My boys pun okay je dengan Fara, masing-2 boleh masuk kepala.
Haha, Diorang memang terbaik.
Thanks guys, cause cheer me up. And making me laugh all day long.
I really loves them :')

Then I was thinking, memang haritu, my birthday looks worse.
I means, it is worst.
But, tak selamanya Allah nak bagi hamba dia sedih.
Dalam hidup, tak selamanya kita ada kat bawah, tak selamanya kita ada kat atas.
Kan? Allah tu maha bijaksana.
Allah takkan uji hambaNya kalau dia tak mampu.
I still remember those words. Someone that I loves taught me that.

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