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Is it a good thing or a bad one?

Hi! Its me, Kim? Hehe, sorry for being quite busy lately.
Okay, first over all, now my life's getting better, Alhamdulillah.
Kim dah mula berkerja, walau pun bukan dalam bidang yg Kim nak.
Kim still cuba, peluang tu takkan datang berulang kali.
Bila dah datang, kita patut terus grab je. Kan? 
So why not just give a try.

So for now, everything okay, environment tempat kerja pun okay.
They're like a families to me.
Ermm. So just wait for time to flies faster.

Hey, Its ramadhan baby, and soon, ramadhan gonna leaves us.
And raya is coming right after us.
Erm. Semoga Ramadhan kali ini penuh makna.
InsyaAllah amin.

Oh ya, Kim lupa, kenapa eh, bila kita makan depan someone tu,
Kita jadi tak selera, jadi malu sangat, erm. why??
Is it because we like them? Ohh no.
Haha, I think I've crush with my own colleague lah.
She's a nice girl, seriously, we shared our thoughts,  and some problems at workplace.
I like being friend with her.
Haizzz. But.. no, I dont want to fall for anyone.. not for now.
Bila dah start sayang orang, mesti sayang gila gila.
Ended up dia? tak dihargai. Erm.
So better tunggu dulu. Just stay friends. It's even better I guess.

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