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What's happening now?

Oh, hi again! So rarely updating my blog. So sorry :(
I'm quite busy lately. With my real life.
Less with twittering, or what ever social networking.

Remember about the girl I used to story about?
My colleague? 
Yah, I used to crush on her.
And you know what? I've dated her out already.
I'm not really sure its a date or what.
We're going to catch some movies together.
And also.....
We've shared eating a cake together!
That's the prettiest part!
I meant, I really like her.
How I'm going to say to her?

Now, she lend me her Ipod.
I forgot to bring back my handsfree so she just lend me hers.
She said, she don't need music on weekend.
So I was like,, okay then!
So I borrowed her Ipod :3
I'm taking a driving license, must be super boring there.
That's why she lend me the Ipod.

We've exchanged some movies too! I meant a dvd.
Cute right? :D
I care about her. A LOT!
I really cared about her, too much much much more.
Everything she does matter to me.
Sometimes I'm getting jealous too.
And I don't know what's that for.

Hmm...I get butterflies,
I felt insecure when she's not around,
I felt curious for sometimes.
What does it means?
How its going to happen?

Am I the one who's feels like that?
I'm afraid. Really afraid.
I'm afraid of losing.
Especially her!
I dont know why! But I think, she's like my another half.
I feel so safe with her!
I'm felt so comfy when she was around.
I get used to talked with her every damn day!
If one day I'm not texting her..
It's like..... I don't know.
Something's not right when I don't talked with her even for one day.

How? What I'm going to do? What must I do about it?
Should I start?
I don't want be too early.
Should I wait?
I'm afraid it was too late.
So what should I do?! 

I'm afraid how's the end going to be.
Is it a happy ending for us? Or going to be something else?
I really don't want to lose her.
But... if she's with me...
We're different.
About our life style, about family, I dont know.
I think I must get knowing her closer.
How its going to be? I think it's going to be a bit complicated in future.

Am I thinking too much further? :(
What I supposed to do.
God, help me with this.
If she's the one that I've waited for so long.
Then do not separate us. Ever!
I wanna grow up with her.
She's really someone understanding.
She's a good listener.
She looks perfect in my eyes.
Help me.

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