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I'd notice about almost everything

You remember? When you ask me, what do I noticed about?
Here we go.
I noticed about almost every little thing of you, what you'd do.

I know, sushi's making you happy.
I know, being in a book store will calm you down when you're upset.
You're not so into sweet chocs.
You're more into a dark chocs.
You're someone workaholic.
You're someone who's not gonna giving in easily.
You're someone who won't get satisfied until you have what you seeks for.
Like a question.
As long the answer is not in your pocket, till then you're not will satisfied and wanted to know that answer so bad.
You're not someone that picky.
What in front of you, you'll grab it, as long you love it.
You loves veggies so much.
Especially onion.
You're not a horror movie film fans.
And... I'd do noticed.
Got one day in the train, when we sit,
You was looking at my hair.
I saw in on the mirror :3
Muehehe :'D

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